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Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho by Yo-ho Brewing

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If you’ve bought any beer from Amazon in the last six months, then you would have seen Yo-ho Getsumen-Gaho advertised on there. It is part of Yo-Ho Brewing’s range of collaborative beers along with the Boku Beer Kimi Beer that are now available at Natural Lawson’s across Japan. And there is the good point. In that past, Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho was only available as a six-pack or in larger packs from Amazon. It is a 5.5% Belgian style pale ale that is now available all-year round.

Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho

Ignore the bit of paper in the background.

Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho Aroma and Taste

Without a suitable Belgian glass to put Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho in, out came the shaker pint glass. It poured out a clear golden colour without any haze or condensation on the side of the glass. The frothy white head last a while before dissipating into the beer and what was left were some subtle floral aromas and a grassy aroma. I would have like some more of the Belgian yeast notes to come through but the hops dominated throughout.

Thankfully, the yeast did play some part in the beer as the body had a bready taste to it though, yet again, the hops quickly came to the forefront imparting a bitterness that, while welcome, distracted away from the Belgian yeast. Moreover, the thin, watery body meant the flavours never really hung around. It’s an interesting combination of American hops and Belgian yeast, but the hops were just too strong.

Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho One Line Review

Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho would be a refreshing beer for a hot summer’s day, like most chilled beers are, but it isn’t worth hunting down for.


Where to Buy Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho

Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho can be bought at Natural Lawson’s across Japan and online at:

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