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Minoh Kozaru IPA by Minoh Beer

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The monkey from Minoh returns with Minoh Kozaru IPA, a golden ale / IPA hybrid that is Minoh’s entry into the session range of IPAs that are all the rage. The session IPA is dominated by the American style of IPA, so expect a high level of hops while keeping the ABV at a range between 4% to 5.5% which Minoh have done with Minoh Kozaru IPA having an abv of 4.5%. The name stems from Minoh Osaru IPA being the big brother of the pair of beers hence the ko part of the name.

Minoh Kozaru IPA

Smaller yet still cheeky like it’s older brother.

Minoh Kozaru IPA Aroma and Taste

With the cheeky, younger monkey looking over the beer on the bottle with a hop on his head, Minoh Kozaru IPA certainly had the appearance of a session IPA. It had a light golden colour while the thin white layer of head didn’t last for long – what you see above quickly dissipated after the photo was taken. Minoh have done well to keep the aroma as close to an IPA as possible with strong pungent grapefruit notes coming through that were paired up with a lemony pine smell too.

If you’ve had the Minoh W-IPA before then Minoh Kozaru IPA will come as shock as it is akin to drinking water due to the body being much thinner and lighter than I had expected. The grapefruit aroma is present in the taste, presenting a bitterness that subsides only in the aftertaste. Minoh Kozaru IPA isn’t all just hops though as some caramel flavours also come through too but are just a tad drowned out for my liking.

Minoh Kozaru IPA One Line Review

Minoh Kozaru IPA is a good attempt at a session IPA but the golden ale aspect was lost on me due to the level of hops.


Where to Buy Minoh Kozaru IPA

Minoh Kozaru IPA can be bought from the following places online:

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