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Daisen G Double Yago by Kumezakura Shuzo

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Daisen G Double Yago is an 8.5% rice beer from Kumezakura Shuzo, based in Tottori, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap at various places across Japan. Like its weaker sibling, Daisen G Double Yago is brewed using sake rice known as “Yamada Nishiki” which is cultivated in the Yasato area at the foot of Mount Daisen.

Daisen G Double Yago

Daisen G Double Yago Aroma and Taste

Daisen G Double Yago poured out a dark orange brown colour with a really plump and frothy white head on top that seemed to stick around for ages. There was no discernible hop aroma on the beer – either when warmed up or chilled – though the malts and yeast were anything but dull. The malts brought a rice, caramel aroma like to the beer, with the yeast then bringing a funky, phenolic Belgian-like yeast aroma to the beer, that seemed to resemble something like a Belgian Tripel beer. When Daisen G Double Yago had warmed up, the thickness of the aromas also grew, so if you’re not a fan of Belgian Tripels, then you won’t like the aroma of Daisen G Double Yago. But I am a fan and I love the aromas of Belgian beers.

The body of Daisen G Double Yago was thick and gloopy with lashings of malty caramel richness and phenolic yeast flavours going on. The yeast brought some peach and raisin flavours, against a dry background of a beer. The alcohol also started to come through after having let the beer warm up, and the alcohol was a pleasant warming flavour, rather than a boisterous in your face flavour. The thickness of the body meant Daisen G Double Yago wasn’t a beer for knocking back, rather its for sipping in. The yeast and malt flavours lingered into the aftertaste, staying for a surprising amount of time.


Daisen G Double Yago The Bottom Line

Sit under a kotatsu and enjoy a bottle of Daisen G Double Yago.

Where to Buy Daisen G Double Yago

Daisen G Double Yago can be bought online at the following places:

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