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Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale Ale by Ise Kadoya

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Grapefruit and IPAs tend to go hand-in-hand due it seems with hops, such as Chinook, Cascade and Legacy , imparting a natural grapefruit flavour but without the need for grapefruit itself. With Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale, they’ve gone for the double whammy of using aforementioned hops AND grapefruit – either whole or juice – in the mix as well to produce this 6% summer seasonal. On sale from mid-May, Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale was first brewed in 2015.

Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale

How much grapefruit can you handle? You’re about to find out.

Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale Aroma and Taste

After a careful reading of the bottle, it was clear that Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale contains fresh grapefruit, even if the giant slice emblazoned on the front wasn’t enough of a hint. However, it’s unknown whether it incorporated whole grapefruits or just the juice.

From the moment the bottle is opened, the pungent citrus grapefruit smell overpowers everything in the area – spicy food included. It’s not often I drink, cook, and review a beer at the same time, but with Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale I felt confident that my olfactory senses would be able to pick up some faint hints of grapefruit. There was no need for concern as the aroma cut through the spicy aroma of a five-bean chili cooking in the kitchen. There could have been some malts in there too as it was a little sweet but, urgh, the grapefruit made everything smell like JIF kitchen cleaner.

And you know what – I’ve never, well not intentionally, drunk JIF kitchen cleaner or any other to be sure, but I could imagine a grapefruit scented one tasting exactly like Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale. The grapefruit seemed to be a bit artificial and sticky on my tongue. There was some sweetness in there too but it really really did feel like I had just licked down the kitchen worktops after a good New Year’s clean. Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale finished off bitter, but by that point I’d had enough.


Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale One Line Review

Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale needs the grapefruit flavours, aromas, everything turned down as it’s just too overpowering. It’s hard to recommend such an abrasive beer.

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale

Ise Kadoya Grapefruit India Pale can be bought from the following places online:

It’s also been seen at:


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1 comment

Christopher Phillips September 6, 2015 - 3:23 pm

they havent made anything intetesting for a while now. imperial stout not bad but everything from them, when compared to the others is just meh, ot be honest. aka miso is an interesting lager but the matcha draft they continue to push just sucks balls. ever since they closed down the beer circus, i think they’ve been a brewery with their head in the past. slowly becoming insignificant, if I am completely honest. Seemingly lacking drive and direction, sadly.


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