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Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner by Tsukinoyo Craft Beer

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Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner was a present from a friend during a recent visit he made to Gunma, a place that isn’t well-known for craft beer rather the “tourist” beers that plagued the Japanese craft beer industry towards the end of the nineties. It’s a Czech-style pilsner brewed using imported Czech malts and mountain fresh water.

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner

Um, not the most appetising of pilsners.

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner Aroma and Taste

Um, Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner really didn’t look like a pilsner at all. It poured out a deep brown colour that looked like it had gone off and been left on the shelf of some roadside souvenir stand in the sun. There was so little life to it that there was not even a semblance of head to it besides some random bubbles on the side of the glass that may or may not have been from the beer. My mum always told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice about someone, then I should keep quiet. I’m so grateful now that it didn’t apply to inanimate objects too, as Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner stank of sourness as if it had gone off.

And the taste wasn’t better either. Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner had clearly either gone off or been stored wrong yet as I sat and looked at the expiry date, which was not due to go off for another two months, the sourness kept hitting me and leaving me gagging.

Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner One Line Review

If this was bad batch, then Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner needs some serious QC. If this is a normal batch, then Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner needs to be avoided.


Where to Buy Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner

If you really want to buy Tsukiyono Yuhi Pilsner then you can try getting it from Rakuten here. It’s also been seen at Nomono in Akihabara station as well as Le Collier from time to time.

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1 comment

Christopher Phillips September 7, 2015 - 4:26 pm

no, they are shite. All their bottles. dobre den brewery i think is another name for them. Waste of time me cycling there. bought a few of their beers and all awaful, awful infected stuff.. Better beer is the nearby kawaba brewery, i the michinoeki. Although I think they’ve gone downhill a tad. They did have an excellent pilsner but now I thinkits gotten softer and creamier. Their weizen sucks. Interestingly kawaba export most of their beers to Califaornia. Way Japan business sense. Kind of nest like, i suppose. both breweries should be better and will never get anywhere with their mediocre beers.


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