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Omori Sanno Kamata Ale by Omori Sanno Brewery

by Rob
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Omori Sanno Kamata Ale is a 5.5% English pale ale from Omori Sanno Brewery, based in Omori, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on draught, though the latter is harder to find outside of Tokyo. Omori Sanno Kamata Ale is brewed using locally sourced honey though which hops are used is unknown at the time of writing.

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 5.5%
  • Style : English pale ale
  • Hops : Unknown
  • IBU : Unknown

Sale Information

  • Availability : Regular
  • On Sale : From September 2021
  • Size : 330 ml
  • Price : From 780 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Sweet, mead like aroma with some grapefruit notes.
  • Notable Tastes : Faint bitterness that changes to sweet quicky. Light grapefruit flavour but hints of butter when warm.

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale : Aroma & Taste

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale poured out a deep amber brown colour with a medium amount of fluffy white head on top that left a few bubbles around the side of the glass during drinking. The aroma was a most peculiar one – Omori Sanno Kamata Ale is listed as an IPA but it doesn’t look or smell like an American IPA, but it does look like an English pale ale. The aroma was neither with a sweet mead-like quality to it that was earthy. There were some hints of grapefruit that came through during drinking, but once Omori Sanno Kamata Ale had warmed up, there was a touch of butteriness to it – not enough to be off-putting but enough to make the beer smell, well, weird.

The body continued with this weird concoction of flavours too. It was pretty tough to actual decide on what kind of beer Omori Sanno Kamata Ale is, or was. The honey was the most prevalent flavour in the body, once again brining a mead-like quality to the beer, that was interspersed with some of the grapefruit flavour from the hops. There was a distinct butteriness to the beer that was noticeable and I don’t know if it was planned, or an off-flavour. Omori Sanno Kamata Ale finished off with a weird lingering flavour that really just left me confused.

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale : The Bottom Line

I have no idea what kind of beer Omori Sanno Kamata Ale is supposed to be – if that’s the thing you like, try it. For me though, I’m good.


Omori Sanno Kamata Ale : Where To Buy

Omori Sanno Kamata Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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