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Aqula Kawabata Lager by Aqula

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Aqula Kawabata Lager is a 5.0% pilsner from Aqula based on the German styles of pilsners. It is an award-winning beer and won the gold medal at the 2007 Asian Japan Beer Cup. Aqula Kawabata Lager is also bottle conditioned as well.

Aqula Kawabata Lager

Aqula win again with a great bottle design.

Aqula Kawabata Lager Aroma and Taste

A new beer is always welcome at BeerTengoku towers and Aqula Kawabata Lager was eagerly awaited after having a small sample at the 2014 BeerFes in Yokohama, though we drank a few too many that day to clearly remember much about it. We’ve also heard lots of good things from a friend (thanks Hiro!) about this beer too.

Aqula Kawabata Lager poured out a deep amber colour with a finger or so of head on top that lingered for a bit before developing into a thin layer on top. The malts were strong in this beer, strutting through the head with a back end of hops coming through in the end but they were soft and mild in comparison.

The lagers I like have a nice crisp bite to them in the finish though before that, Aqula Kawabata Lager had a fruity body to it that the malts should be proud off. The hops did play some part in creating the nice crisp bite I enjoy and finished off dry with a hint of bitterness that had me coming back for more.


Aqula Kawabata Lager One Line Review

Aqula Kawabata Lager is a decent pilsner – shock horror – that Akita can be proud of. Well worth finding this one!

Where to Buy Aqula Kawabata Lager

Aqula Kawabata Lager can be bought from the Aqula online store here. We have also seen it on sale at part of a variety pack at GoodBeer’s Rakuten store here. I bought my bottle from Nomono in Akihabara.

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