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Ise Kadoya Strong Stout by Ise Kadoya

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I was never meant to review this beer, but after a recent BBQ that Joe and I had, he drunk his bottle of Ise Kadoya Strong Stout on the way home and left the pleasure to me of writing a review. If you hadn’t had guessed by now, Ise Kadoya Strong Stout is an imperial stout from Ise Kadoya that is firmly in the heavyweight category of abv with it possessing a level of 9% – it’ll put hairs on your chest. It was first brewed in 2015 as a spring seasonal but hopefully Ise Kadoya will brew it again on an annual basis.

Ise Kadoya Strong Stout

Strong stout? Very strong stout excuse me.

Ise Kadoya Strong Stout Aroma and Taste

Stouts and summer aren’t the idea combination as you’re usually looking for something refreshing or thirst-quenching. If so, then Ise Kadoya Strong Stout is NOT the beer you are looking for. In fact, stout is not the style of beer you’re looking for at all. If you’re looking for something to warm you up in those summer months sat under the cold air con,  then Ise Kadoya Strong Stout IS going to help you out. Or you could just turn off the air con instead. But then you get hot and won’t want to drink this.

Ise Kadoya Strong Stout should have been labelled as “Very Very Strong Stout” as the aroma is detectable from a good way off. The roasted coffee bean smell wafted through the kitchen and overpowered the dinner I was making. It would have smelt great with some dessert though as the pungent chocolatey goodness seduced my nostrils and sent me off dreaming. Ise Kadoya Strong Stout had a pitch black body and was topped off with a frothy tan head that lasted a few minutes before reducing to a thin oily layer on top.

For a 9% imperial stout, Ise Kadoya Strong Stout did such a great job in hiding that level of alcohol that it has been crowned World Hide and Seek Champion 2015. The coffee and chocolate taste will massage your taste buds into some sort of taste heaven while your wait for some expected bitterness to develop. But it never came. Ise Kadoya have managed to hide so much of the negative points with imperial stouts that it’s hard not to like this beer. Except that it’s summer and it’s not a summer beer.


Ise Kadoya Strong Stout One Line Review

Just go out and buy Ise Kadoya Strong Stout. A really good sipping beer for those chilled evenings.

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Strong Stout

Ise Kadoya Strong Stout can be bought from the following at the time of writing:

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