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Hidatakayama Stout by Hida Takayama Beer

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Hidatakayama Stout is a 7% imperial stout produced by Hida Takayama Beer and was a spur on the moment purchase from their online store. Stouts are a tough one for me; it feels like it should be a meal in itself rather than something I should be drinking perhaps to quench my thirst or relax after a long day of writing. Hidatakayama Stout is also an award-winning beer, having won the World Beer Award for Asia’s Best Stout & Porter category back in 2012, and also the World’s Best Export Stout in 2010.

Hidatakayama Stout

Wrong glass I know, but it was a 500ml bottle.

Hidatakayama Stout Aroma and Taste

Hidatakayama Stout scared the bejesus out of my little one due to the brown demonic face on the front of the bottle. Talk about a good way to put someone off from drinking beer. Not that I would condone giving alcohol to a child. If UK laws mean that my kids can drink beers at home then I am not going to argue with those laws but seeing as they pretty much eat my food I have to keep something for myself.

Hidatakayama Stout poured out a pitch black colour with a dark tan colour head. Heck, this beer is so dark that I’m surprised scientists haven’t tried to find dark matter in it. If you look closely at the picture above though you might go crazy. There was a solid sweet malty aroma with some dry woody bits to it as well. The chocolate smell was creamy, more of a milk chocolate than a bitter, dark chocolate which was followed up by a strong coffee.

Of course, stouts are an acquired taste and Hidatakayama Stout was very much one of those, but let it make its case and you will be converted. It was incredible well-balanced with no flavour dominating over the other; coffee, chocolate, sweet chocolate, and a hint of smoky caramel all blended well together. The bitter aftertaste was present but warming. MORE!


Hidatakayama Stout One Line Review

If you can find Hidatakayama Stout, then buy it and be converted to the world of stouts.

Where to Buy Hidatakayama Stout

Hidatakayama Stout can be bought from the Hida Takayama Beer homepage here. Sometimes, Sangaya on Rakuten here as bottles going too.

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