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Hida Takayama Beer Information

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Hida Takayama Beer

Hida Takayama Beer is a multiple award-winning brewery based in Gifu prefecture, located north-west of Nagoya, east of Osaka, and west of Tokyo. It was founded in 1995 and is a group cooperative organisation. Hida Takayama uses water that is sourced from 180m underground which is said to hold special anti-aging properties. The yeast used in their beers is also a secret strain that has not been released to the public. One of the big problems with Hida Takayama Beer’s products is that they are not readily available besides their online shop and also specific Gifu souvenir shops. A big shame.

Hida Takayama Beer Main Lineup

Most of these, bar the Hidatakayama Karumina, can be bought in either can or bottle form from the online store.

Hida Takayama Beer Seasonal Lineup

A rotating lineup of beers that is sold under the Hidatakayama Extra Special Beer Label. Once produced, the stock is limited until they are sold out, which could take days, weeks, or months.

  • Hidatakayama Red Bock Beer – a dunkler bock produced usually in winter time with an abv of 7%.
  • Hidatakayama Thada Ratu – a 6% bottled amber ale that is sometimes milder on tap.

Hida Takayama Beer Details

Address: 〒506-0808, Gifu-ken, Takayama-shi, 999 Matusmura-cho

Phone: 0577 32 0365

Website: www.hidatakayamabeer.co.jp

Online Store: Hida Takayama Online Store

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