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Baird Bryan’s First IPA by Baird Beer

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With Baird Beer turning 15 years old in 2015, they have chosen to release some special beers to commemorate the anniversary and Bryan’s First IPA is one of those beers. If you’ve been to the brewery, read our tour, or seen any pictures, then you will have seen the kit that Bryan first used to brew this beer. It’s a limited edition beer that has an abv of 6.5% and even went on to form the basis of the Baird Teikoku IPA beer.

Baird Bryan's First IPA

Malty and muddy – a true English IPA.

Baird Bryan’s First IPA Aroma and Taste

Let’s get this out of the way, Baird Bryan’s First IPA is an English style IPA, so if you go in expecting a massive hit of hops the you’re gonna be in for a bad time. It poured out a muddy caramel colour with minimal off-white head. What Baird Bryan’s First IPA lacks in hop character it more than makes up in malt aroma with a strong amount of caramel in there. There are hops in there somewhere though either they are masked by the caramel or I was hallucinating them.

The English IPA style is no more apparent than in the drinking and Baird Bryan’s First IPA has it nailed down. The bitterness that you expect from an IPA was there but the malts maketh the beer and maketh the taste. The citrus and floral undertones from the hops are there but faint in comparison to the caramel. It had a creaminess to it that moved on to a long lasting bitter aftertaste.

Baird Bryan’s First IPA One (Two) Line Review

Baird Bryan’s First IPA is a nice revival but Baird Beer definitely moved in the right direction with the Baird Teikoku IPA. The malts may be too strong for those who prefer American style IPAs.


Where to Buy Baird Bryan’s First IPA

Baird Bryan’s First IPA can be bought on tap at the Baird Taprooms in Nakameguro, Harajuku, and Bashamichi.
The bottles can be bought at

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