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Home Beer Review Kyoto Hanamachi Alt by Kinishi Masamune Shuzo

Kyoto Hanamachi Alt by Kinishi Masamune Shuzo

by BeerTengoku Writer
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Kyoto Hanamachi Alt is an alt craft beer straight out of Kyoto: the city of temples, geishas, and lots of tourists so it would seem apt that there should be some local craft beers for the tourists to spend their money on. Kyoto Hanamachi Alt is available in both 350ml bottles and 1L jugs though we’ve only seen the smaller bottles on our travels.

Kyoto Hanamachi Alt

Picture drinking this under some autumnal leaves near a golden temple.

Kyoto Hanamachi Alt Aroma and Taste

First things first, Kyoto Hanamachi Alt was near its drink by date, about two or three weeks before it was due to “go”. Most small craft beer breweries in Japan can only bottle their beer and expect a three month shelf life.

With that mini disclaimer out of the way, there was still plenty of life left in Kyoto Hanamachi Alt, with a deep amber colour and an off-white head with reddish hue that was frothy and creamy. Yes, I just described the texture and taste of that lump on top of the beer. It didn’t want to dissipate away so I had to try some. However, yes there was a major sticking point, like other craft beers designed for tourists, Kyoto Hanamachi Alt suffers from the lack of oomph. It had a weak floral aroma and a bit sweet without much else standing out.

The body of Kyoto Hanamachi Alt looked impressive at first though due to the placid aroma, I wasn’t that excited to be drinking it. The hoppy body was welcome yet it seemed strange there was a lack of hoppy nose on it, perhaps the head had taken it for itself and didn’t want anyone else to have it? The sour aftertaste was unexpected – was it because the bottle was going off or was it due to some extra conditioning in the bottle.


Kyoto Hanamachi Alt One Line Review

I can’t really recommend Kyoto Hanamachi Alt at the price I paid for it (¥530) so wait until it’s cheap or on some special deal on draft.

Where to Buy Kyoto Hanamachi Alt

Kinishimasamune have a list of shops where their beers can be bought here. We picked up our bottle of Kyoto Hanamachi Alt from Queen’s Isetan in Yokohama though we have also seen it at Le Collier in Tokyo Station.


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