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Outsider Brewing Logo

Outsider Brewing Logo

Outsider Brewing is located in Kofu, Yamanashi around 90 minutes west of Tokyo. Outsider Brewing have been producing beers since 2012 with head brewer Niwa-san having an excellent reputation in the Japanese craft beer industry, and owner Mark Major personally sourcing him out to join the company. The company is noted for using wild yeast flavours in their beers, rather than the cultivated yeasts that breweries tend to use.

Outsider Brewing’s Main Lineup

Outsider Brewing can be found on tap from time to time around craft beer bars around Tokyo and Japan. If you are in Kofu, then there is a taproom called Hops and Herbs here that sells Outsider Brewing beer.

Outsider Brewing has been known to produce some barley wines from time to time; however, as of writing, none are considered to be regular beers.

Outsider Brewing Details

Address: 〒400-0032, Yamanashi-ken, Kofu-shi, Chuou 1-1-5 Miyasawa Biru 1F

Phone: 055-223-2622

Website (in Japanese): Outsider Brewing homepage

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