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Daisen G Beer Weizenbock by Kumezakura Daisen Brewery

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Weizenbocks have been a revelation of late and it’s a style I’ve begun to enjoy. They seem to take the wheat and bananas tones from a weizen and lift them to produce a hearty beer that warms you up in winter. Daisen G Beer Weizenbock is a limited edition beer from Kumezakura Daisen Brewery that is usually on sale from around December and weighs in at 7.5%. Where are all these strong beers coming from in Japan? Ten years, could barely find one now they are coming thick and fast.

Daisen G Beer Weizenbock

This will warm the cockles on a cold, snowy winter night.

Daisen G Beer Weizenbock Aroma and Taste

I’m still yet to fully decided whether I should use a weizen glass for a weizenbock or a snifter glass, ah the decisions of trying to drink beer. Daisen G Beer Weizenbock got poured in the weizen and I never looked back. The body had a much darker appearance than a weizen; a hazy golden brown colour with a thick plump white head on top. While the bananas and cloves were noticeable, the malt was far more pronounced and forthcoming. It smelt like someone had just freshly made a bread and butter pudding and was wafting the aroma around the house.

If you have had a weizenbock then you know about the thick, rich body that comes with one and Daisen G Beer Weizenbock did not disappoint. It felt on the syrupy side and for some unknown reason, Calpol, the saviour / bane of children around the world, came to mind. Not that it tasted as good / bad (depending on your viewpoint) as Calpol though. The bananas and cloves balanced each other well, constants striving not to outdo each other and in turn produce a sweetness that paired well with the syrupy texture. Daisen G Beer Weizenbock finished off with a spicy kick yet with no hint of the alcohol at all.

Daisen G Beer Weizenbock One Line Review

Daisen G Beer Weizenbock is an impressive weizenbock that shows off the style extremely well. Get it if you can find it.


Where to Buy Daisen G Beer Weizenbock

We picked up our bottle of Daisen G Beer Weizenbock from GoodBeer here though at the time of writing it had sold out.

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