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Kamakura Lokosuka by Kamakura Beer

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272Kamakura Lokosuka is the third beer in the Kamakura local beer series after Kamakura Hayama and Kamakura Enoshima. The name is a portmanteau of local and Yokosuka, a city about 45 mins south of Tokyo and known for its curry and local naval bases. Like the other two beers, Kamakura Lokosuka is suited to the local food in Yokosuka: curry. It is an English style bitter beer.

Kamakura Lokosuka

A local beer for Yokosuka. Loc-yokosuka means Lokosuka.

Kamakura Lokosuka Aroma and Taste

Kamakura Lokosuka poured out more like a weizen than a bitter style beer but to be fair, the bitters I grew up were flat and bland. Besides being lively than a lively thing in a lively glass, the aroma was unusual. Kamakura Lokosuka was more tart, almost sour, with a fair lacing of malt to it while the head flattened out in the end.

The sourness continued through to the body of Kamakura Lokosuka but I was surprised by ginger notes. I guess that the ginger taste is supposed to complement a curry although it was nowhere near as potent as the Hitachino Nest Ginger Ale. There wasn’t much hop flavour to it, heck, even the supposed maltier profile did not really present itself during drinking or even the aftertaste. Kamakura Lokosuka belongs more in the spiced ale category rather than bitter.

Kamakura Lokosuka One Line Review

I don’t know if I can really recommend this beer to anyone. Kamakura Locosuka is a strange beer that just does not fit into the bitter profile and lacks bite.


Where to Buy Kamakura Lokosuka

Kamakura Lokosuka can be bought online at the Kamakura Beer online store here. Queens Isetan in the Shonan area also stock it. BeerTengoku picked up the bottle from Le Collier in Tokyo station though.

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