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Coedo Shikkoku by Coedo Brewery

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Coedo Shikkoku is named after the island just south of Honshu…who am I trying to kid? Coedo Shikkoku is named after a Japanese hue, this time being the jet-black lacquer work that can be seen across Japan. It is also a schwarzbier brewed using a traditional German recipe.

Coedo Shikoku

As black as my coffee.

Coedo Shikkoku Aroma and Taste

Coedo Shikkoku poured out darker than my deepest, darkest secrets that lie within my soul. This beer was pitch black and all light around it was instantly sucked into it without chance of escape besides the head. The head. It’s hard to think of any more superlatives after that introduction but it was light, fluffy and off-white. It did well to protect the aroma but alas, the roasted malts and coal aroma pushed through with just a smidgen of chocolate notes.

I guessed with all that going on in the nose, Coedo Shikkoku must have been holding something back and then the oak hit me. Some delicious oakey flavour moved all of the others: the roasted malts, coal, chocolate, what have you, and left a peaty aftertaste lingering in the mouth. Coedo Shikkoku’s chocolate flavours holds just as well in the aftertaste and blends nicely with the peat.

Coedo Shikkoku One Line Review

Coedo Shikkoku was a great surprise and would wholeheartedly drink it again. And again. And then one more just because I’m an adult and I can.


Where to Buy Coedo Shikkoku

Coedo Shikkoku is not an easy one to find funnily enough. Nowhere near as common as the Beniaka or Ruri. We managed to get out bottle from Nomono here. If you’re looking to try it on tap, have a look at this map. If you want it in bottled form, then you can find it on Rakuten easily enough.

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