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Aooni IPA by Yo-Ho Brewing Company

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Aooni is an IPA from Yo-Ho Brewing Company. It’s become more common in convenience stores recently, along with its stablemates Yona Yona (reviewed previously here) and Suiyobi No Neko. Aooni IPA is also the strongest of the three, packing a respectable kick at 7% which will ensure a good buzz.

Aooni IPA

After too many of these, those eyes will start to freak you out.

Aooni IPA Aroma and Taste

Upon pouring Aooni IPA, there’s a substantial but light head that quickly dissipates, and the fruity nose similarly has one or two whiffs before it’s gone like a fart in a typhoon. Not to fear though as Aooni IPA more than makes up for it in flavour.

With a solid, meaty mouth feel, and an immediate bitter aftertaste that lingers aggressively in the mouth and nose, it might not be for everyone. After a can or two, though, you’ll definitely have a strong opinion on this newcomer to your local convenience shelves.

Aooni IPA One-line review

Aooni IPA is a change from the usual convenience store fare, a tough beer in a small can.


Where to Buy Aooni IPA

Aooni IPA has become more common in convenience stores recently such as in 3F and is also available in all good department stores and specialist alcohol stores.

Aooni IPA Second Opinion

For me, Aooni IPA is a my go to craft beer when I finish work and walk to the station. There is a tiny little off-license / liquor store that sells this and when I walk in, the little old lady in the shop says, in Japanese, “going to get an Aooni aren’t you?”. I really like this beer and would happily recommend it to all and sundry.

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