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Far Yeast Tokyo White by Nippon Craft Beer

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Far Yeast Tokyo White is a blond beer that is brewed in the hope that you can feel Tokyo cursing through your body. The businessmen’s sweat, the cramped trains, and the sweltering summers have been condensed into this beer. Jokes aside, Far Yeast Tokyo White is brewed from a variety of hops and is unfiltered and unsterilised too.

Far Yeast Tokyo White

Yeast is lively, but didn’t know it was this lively.

Far Yeast Tokyo White Aroma and Taste

Far Yeast Tokyo White pours out with a massive fluffy head that looks so inviting it makes you want to lay your head on it. The head has a good retention level, but be warned when you are pouring it out. If your glass is too small, you are going to waste some liquid beer. The body was a pale straw-like colour that was also cloudy due to the lack of filtration in the brewing process. Far Yeast Tokyo White had a yeasty, bready aroma along with a gentle waft of hops too. Nothing offensive though the esters coming off of it may put some people off.

Once you have got a spoon to dig through the head, Far Yeast Tokyo White is very wheaty and a tad on the sour side. It isn’t advertised as a sour beer but be warned, it is. The yeast aroma is still present in the body though not as strong as the initial aromas let on. Far Yeast Tokyo White finished off with a dry, sour taste.

Far Yeast Tokyo White One-Line Review

Far Yeast Tokyo White is not a bad beer, but it’s weird due to the sour and wheaty combination going on.


Where to Buy Far Yeast Tokyo White

Far Yeast Tokyo White can be bought at these shops here, if you feel that you need to waste some of your hard earned cash. It can also be bought at Le Collier at Tokyo station.

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