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Suwa Roman Kolsch by Reijin Shuzo

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Another temple beer from Reijin Shuzo and this time it’s a kölsch. Like the Reijin Shuzo Rindou Alt beer, this is another one that is new to us here at BeerTengoku. The Suwa Roman Kolsch is brewed using natural mountain spring water and fresh mountain air in Nagano.

Suwa Roman Kolsch

Japanese temples seem to like producing alcohol. Why is that?

Suwa Roman Kolsch Aroma and Taste

Suwa Roman Kolsch has a cloudy golden-brown tinge to the body and thin pure-white head. The head didn’t last for very long but the aromas coming off of Suwa Roman Kolsch were promising. The initial smell of butterscotch lent way to some caramel malty aroma that was more on the sweet side than I would prefer. I like some sweet things but in beer, I tend to prefer them in my fruit or dessert beers.

The body of Suwa Roman Kolsch was tastier than expected. It was less sweet compared with the aromas and the caramel malt nose carried through to the taste. Hops are also present in the taste but the malt is the overriding taste through this beer. The aftertaste was quite dry and crisp with a subtle level of bitterness to the flavour.

Suwa Roman Kolsch One-line Review

Suwa Roman Kolsch is a well-done kölsch style beer but it isn’t going to blow you away otherwise.


Where to Buy Suwa Roman Kolsch

Suwa Roman Kolsch is pretty rare to find outside of Suwa, let alone, Nagano. The online store is here but it can only be bought as part of a set.


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