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Home Bar Review Closed: H@bit in Omori, Tokyo.

Closed: H@bit in Omori, Tokyo.

by BeerTengoku Writer

Edit: H@bit closed at the end of January 2017. This review has been left up for archive purposes.

H@bit comes this week courtesy of a recommendation by a friend (Thanks Hiro!) who has been hankering on at me to come along for a few Japanese craft beers. H@bit is located one minute from Omorikaigan station on the Keikyu line and about ten minutes from JR Omori station on the Keihin Tohoku line, two stops from Shinagawa. H@bit sells mostly Japanese craft beers with at least seven on tap that change when they run out.

h@bit inside

Wood seems to be a common theme in craft beer bars. Wonder why?

The bar is fairly spacious, with seven seats at the counter and tables dotted around the room. BeerTengoku turned up at 5pm and were the first here but as H@bit is near the Keikyu station, it soon got busy when the offices started to kick out their workers. Or the premise of happy hour. The bar is smoking friendly and also has free Wi-Fi as well, so you can let BeerTengoku know about the beers you’re drinking.

Aooni IPA at H@abit
Finally sourced down the Aooni IPA on tap. Well worth the hunt.
Daisen G Beer Weizen at H@abit
Daisen G Beer Weizen is one of H@bit's regular beers.
Minoh Momo Weizen @ H@bit
Minoh's limited edition peach weizen. Tart and fruity.
Daisen G Beer Wine Hop @ H@abit
An unusual beer. Hoppy but quite fruity like a barley wine.

As the beers change daily or whenever they run out, it is also going to be a problem in knowing what is on tap. Luckily, H@bit update their FaceBook page with their beers for the day. Well they do on occasion. The FaceBook page still listed the beers for the previous day but there was plenty of variety on tap. On the day BeerTengoku were there, Minoh, August Beer, Daisen G Beer, and Yo-ho Brewing were on tap. A good selection as well as there was no one predominant style of beer going.

happy hour @ h@abit

Not bad prices for some happy hour Japanese craft beer. Portions are on the small side though.

Those looking for a bargain are in good stead here as H@bit as a happy hour starting at 5pm until 9pm, where large beers are ¥700 for about 350ml, and medium beers are ¥550 for about 200ml. Regular prices outside of those hours are large size for ¥900, medium size for ¥800, and a small size for ¥500 yen.

h@bit food 1
Not much English here...
h@bit food 2
...nor here either.

H@bit is a supposedly a Spanish restaurant and the menu represents that, with dishes from across Spain. Dishes such as Iberico salami, seafood paella, and anchovy-based dishes are on sale, but pricey. There are smaller finger foods, such as olives and chips too as well. With the menu all in katakana though and not much else in English, then it could be a struggle if you can’t read katakana.

H@bit One Paragraph Review

H@bit is a fairly well located craft beer bar that is close enough to Tokyo and Yokohama to warrant an evening out there during happy hour times. Outside of those hours though, H@bit is still a good place to come to find Daisen G Beer on tap and a random assortment of Japanese craft beers.

H@bit Details

Open: Mon – Thu: 17:00 – 01:00 Fri – Sat: 17:00 – 03:00 Sun: 17:00 – 00:00

Phone: 03-3768-5447

Website (on GuruNavi): H@bit homepage

How to Get to H@bit

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Christopher Phillips September 11, 2015 - 2:13 pm

I feel the fact that it is smoking should be mentioned in the one paragraph review. Its a deal breaker for quite a lot of people. I wish more bars recognised that.

Rob September 11, 2015 - 5:01 pm

Good point. Sorry if it wasn’t more obvious. I’ll edit it later after a few beers.


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