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Gotemba Kogen Schwarz by Gotemba Kogen

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Gotemba Kogen Schwarz is a 5.5% schwarzbier from the depths of Shizuoka brewed at the famous Gotemba Kogen resort, that seems to have everything from hiking to a pottery house, so why not a brewery too? Based at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, Gotemba Kogen Schwarz is made from “fresh Mt. Fuji” water, and it’s available in, wait for it: 350ml, 500ml, 1L, and 2L growlers.

Gotemba Kogen Schwarz

It says black on the can, and the beer is black.

Gotemba Kogen Schwarz Aroma and Taste

This is the second time I’ve drunk Gotemba Kogen Schwarz as the first time around I was not really sure on it. It poured out a pitch black colour with a thick brownish white head. Gotemba Kogen Schwarz had a strong roasted malts and smokey aroma that sat well in the nose with the chocolate notes too.

The body was thick than expected with a medium amount of carbonation that helped carry the roasted malt and smokey flavours as well, and they needed carrying. The aroma of Gotemba Kogen Schwarz was much stronger than the flavours; however, this meant the creaminess of the body could come through.

Gotemba Kogen Schwarz One-line Review

If you can find it, pick Gotemba Kogen Schwarz up as it is a nice surprise and a good example of a schwarzbier.


Where to Buy Gotemba Kogen Schwarz

Gotemba Kogen Schwarz can be bought online at the Gotemba Kogen online store here, else Queen’s Isetan have been known to have it in stock.

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