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Ise Kadoya Brown Ale by Ise Kadoya

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Ise Kadoya Brown Ale, alas, is not your average brown ale, rather it is an American brown ale from Ise Kadoya. It is brewed with different kinds of hops and is part of Ise Kadoya’s summer seasonal range though we have seen it available since then. Ise Kadoya Brown Ale came about after Nakanishi-san, head Brewer, tried to out do the Ise Kadoya Pale ale and came out with this.

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale

This is an American brown ale. Be warned

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale Aroma and Taste

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale is not your typical brown ale from those working men’s clubs from days gone by. If the only brown ale you’ve ever drunk is Newcastle Brown Ale, then you’re in for a bad time. This one is far more hoppier and maltier then Newkie Brown could ever be. Ise Kadoya Brown Ale poured out a deep brown colour with a frothy tan head that went quickly away to leave that hoppy head that was laced with copious amounts of toffee and malt. It was my own fault really as I didn’t read the bottle carefully but it did say American brown ale on the side.

Still, the body is pretty hard going for new drinkers of American brown ales like myself. It was a little heavy on the carbonation for my initial tasting but it did grow on me, as did the toffee and hops that were offensive at first but only because I wasn’t expecting them. All of the flavours came on by surprise as I was honestly expecting some water thin and bland like Newcastle Brown Ale but ended up liking the mix of citrus and sweetness.

It all ended with a roasted nut like aftertaste that was a little bitter but not face-gurning level.


Ise Kadoya Brown Ale One Review

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale is a tough beer to like and keep drinking. It’s not bad but it is abrasive on the taste buds.

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Brown Ale

Ise Kadoya Brown Ale can be bought from the Ise Kadoya online store here. Else, we’ve seen it at GoodBeer here, World Beer Market here and Craftbeers.jp here.

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