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Toast Ajiwai Tenku by Tazawako Kohan no Mori Beer

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Ajiwai Tenku is another award-winning beer from Tazawako Kohan no Mori Beer that is brewed in the helles, meaning bright, lager style from Bavaria. An all-malt beer, Ajiwai Tenku, like Ajiwai Tenya, is brewed for the Queen’s Isetan chain of supermarkets across Japan.

Ajiwai Tenku

Another award-winning beer. I swear, all people have to do is release a beer to get an award.

Toast Ajiwai Tenku Aroma and Taste

Ajiwai Tenku pours out like there is no tomorrow. Whoosh! It is a very lively beer that needs some delicate pouring; however, once the head had settled, the body was a clear golden colour and the head dissipated into a thin ring around the edge of the top.

It had the initial nose of a lager, with yeastiness to it and a slight touch of fruitiness to it that morphs into a hoppy flavour to end. It finishes off with a sweetness to it that seemed a tad forced, verging on unnatural.

Toast Ajiwai Tenku One-line Review

Ajiwai Tenku is a good helles lager, but not enough to convince someone to switch from a Kirin or Sapporo lager.


Where to Buy Toast Ajiwai Tenku

Ajiwai Tenku can be bought online at the following places:

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