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Baird Fall Fest Lager by Baird Beer

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Baird Fall Fest Lager is a beer brewed in celebration to one of the holy times and places that all beer fans should go to: The Oktoberfest in Munich. If you haven’t been, then you owe yourself a trip there. Beers on tap, overflowing in 1-litre steins, and fun galore. Of course, the many held in Japan are fun but Yokohama Oktoberfest is by far the best, and biggest. Baird Fall Fest Lager is brewed with German grist, or a grain that has been separated from its chaff.

Baird Fall Fest Lager

Oktoberfest / Märzen style is unusual to come across in Japan.

Baird Fall Fest Lager Aroma and Taste

I let this bottle sit in the storage cellar for a while, or lagered it, so I could get the full German experience. With some pretzels, sausages, and sauerkraut on the go, you could have mistaken my house for an Oktoberfest. I did ask my wife and kids to wear lederhosen too and play some oompah music but it fell on confused faces.

This photo really does not do justice to the reddish amber tones of Baird Fall Fest Lager. The head was minimal though the rye and caramel notes were strong with a little bit of citrus coming through too. Kind of reminded me of the fallen leaves that lie on the ground during Autumn that springs up the Autumnal leaf viewing here in Japan.

Baird Fall Fest Lager is a easy-drinking beer I have to admit. It went down too easily for its own good though the spiciness from the rye reminded me to slow down. I had a long day at work before drinking this so the quandary of knock it back for the first beer was in stark contrast for the urge to review Baird Fall Fest Lager. It could also have been due to the lack of carbonation in the beer as it was more ale like than I would have hoped though but still nice.


Baird Fall Fest Lager One LCine (paragraph) Review

(Cue geek mode) With the märzen style covering a huge range due to the Bavarian lager laws, it’s pretty hard not to make a drinkable märzen but it’s hard to make a decent märzen. Baird Fall Fest Lager is a good, drinkable beer but the rye flavours may put you off.

Where to Buy Baird Fall Fest Lager

Baird Fall Fest Lager is usually sold from around the beginning of October at Baird Beer Taprooms. We got out bottle of Baird Fall Fest Lager from the GoodBeer here though you can buy it on the Baird Beer shop at Yahoo here or Rakuten here.


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