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Baird Second Strike Apple Ale by Baird Beer

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Second Strike Apple Ale (besides being a mouthful to ask for) is a seasonal collaboration between Baird Beer and Alias, a Harajuku supplier in Tokyo. Second Strike Apple Ale has fresh Nagano red apples added three times during the brewing process; twice in the wort and once before the bottling stage.


Second Strike Apple Ale

Nondescript label, but that is usual with the Baird Beer specials.

Second Strike Apple Ale Aroma & Taste

Second Strike pours very well, with a nice frothy head that dissipates as quickly as it appears. The pungency of the apples is noticeable as soon as the beer is poured, and Second Strike has a cloudy, golden body. The sweetness of the sugar also carries through the aroma along with a slight delicate hoppiness.

Second Strike sounded like it would be an apple cider-esque beer but comes across as a tart champagne- dry and crisp with gentle carbonation in the body; however, the body of the beer is a little on the thin side. The apple flavour is present but more delicate than the aroma and it is followed up by a bitter, hoppy aftertaste.


Second Strike Apple Ale One-line Review

Second Strike Apple Ale is a good fruit beer worth trying that needs a little more body to allow the apple flavour to come through.

Where to Buy Second Strike Apple Ale.

As it is a seasonal beer, Second Strike Apple Ale is not easy to find. Look here for the release schedule on our Baird Beer information page. It is usually sold in Baird Beer Taprooms; otherwise, BeerTengoku sourced Second Strike Apple Ale here.

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