Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku by Kiuchi Brewery

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku・常陸野ネストよろしく

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku is a 6% spiced beer from Kiuchi Brewery, based out in Ibaraki, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range, with this one having been brewed with Heineken… oops sorry… ex-craft beer brewery Beavertown, from the UK. Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku uses locally sourced yuzu, known as Japanese citrons, and imported Earl Grey tea for the UK. At the time of writing, Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku is a one-off batch, presumedly until Heineken decide to brew it again, with cheaper ingredients.

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku・常陸野ネストよろしく

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku Aroma and Taste

Now the sniping is out of the way – let’s get on with reviewing Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku. The pour was a hazy orange colour with a plump white head on top that was sticky and clung to everything it touched – side of the glass, edge of the can, tip of the nose. There was a huge yuzu nose coming off the beer – which meant the tea-like flavours had an uphill struggle. If you’re going to use a delicate tea like Earl Grey, then reining in the yuzu would have been a good idea. It’s only once Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku has warmed up then you get the distinctive bergamot fragrance coming through the beer.

I’ve not had the chance to have Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku on tap but I’m guessing they were aiming for a juicy, hazy beer with the amount of thick orange colour in the body. The yuzu brought an astringent, yuzu quality to the beer which was to be expected. However, like the nose, the bergamot flavours only came through once Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku had been given the chance to warm up. The thick body made Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku taste a bit like some sticky lemon jam, or jelly to our American readers. The lashings of yuzu left its unmistakable taste though it did become a bit too much in the end.

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku The Bottom Line

Dial back the yuzu, or ramp up the tea next time.

Second Opinion by Joe

I really liked this one! It was an interesting experiment. I’m a big fan of yuzu, and Earl Grey, and hazy IPAs, so this was right up my alley. As Rob said, it’s as thick as sludge, and you’d better let it warm up a bit to fully appreciate it. Beavertown make a lot of great beers and I don’t care that they’re owned by Heineken now.

Where to Buy Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku

Hitachino Nest Yoroshiku can be bought online at the following places:

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