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Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer Shop

by Rob

Japanese Craft Beer storeSakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer is an online store, based on Rakuten, that sells a variety of Japanese Craft Beer. Sakaya Okadaya leans towards the selling of Japanese craft beer sets rather than individual bottles; however, the sets tend to include individual bottles, rather than two of one type.

Sakaya Okadaya

All of these Japanese craft beers can be yours for 11,000yen. Bargain!

In terms of ordering, Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer uses the Rakuten store front process, which can be a pain to use and navigate. First click on the beer, click on order, confirm you are over 20, then go back to the webpage, so ordering is a lengthy process. Shipping is flat rate regardless of how many beers you order, which ranges from ¥640 for those customers that live on Honshu area, ¥740 for those who live in Shikoku and Kyushu, and ¥1300 for customers that live in Hokkaido or Okinawa. Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer also ships using refrigerated delivery from ¥850 for those customers that live on Honshu area, ¥950 for those who live in Shikoku and Kyushu, and ¥1500 for customers that live in Hokkaido or Okinawa. The customer service is excellent. If you order before 3pm, the beers are shipped same day, if they are in stock. Overall, a good site to pick up some Japanese craft beers, with the range being sufficient enough to get a good variety.

Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer Details

Website (Japanese only): http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/craftbeer/

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Oliver February 13, 2016 - 8:02 pm

They also have a shop in Nagoya, about 5 min walk from Nagoya station, at the Yanagibashi wholesale market. Note that the shop closes at 18:30 and is not open on Sundays. See their homepage: http://www.sake-okadaya.co.jp/html/company_info.html

They have a fair selection of Japanese craft beers, not as much as some shops in Tokyo or Kyoto, but by far the best in central Japan, with Baird, Minami-Shinshu, Minoh, Sankt Gallen, Hearn, and a few others.

Rob February 27, 2016 - 8:09 pm

Cool. Will add this a bit later on.
They also own Y Market Brewing too. Got some very nice beers there too. Enjoyed their Decorian last week.

How’s the shop compared to the online store?

Oliver February 29, 2016 - 3:07 pm

The beers and the prices seem to be the same online and in the shop. The shop is also the ‘base’ for the online store, so when you come in later in the afternoon, you can see lots of parcels being piled up in the shop, and the fridge may not have all items in stock anymore. The shop is pretty small, but has also a great selection of sake. Next door is their wholesale department.

I have been to Y Market Brewing a couple of times, very good beers, and new varieties every time I go. The bottled Y Market beer that they sell in the shop is however made in Shizuoka, as the label says. Not sure why this is, but maybe they have no bottling equipment at their small brewery in Nagoya.


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