Hopbuds in Nagoya, Aichi

Hopbuds The Bottom Line Is Hopbuds a bottle shop turned bar, or a bar turned bottle shop? Doesn’t matter as it does both well enough that you should go there for a few beers while you’re in Nagoya. The multi-nationality makeup of Hopbuds means you’ll end up talking with people from different backgrounds, a welcome change in what seemed to …


Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer Shop

Sakaya Okadaya

Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft BeerĀ is an online store, based on Rakuten, that sells a variety of Japanese Craft Beer. Sakaya Okadaya leans towards the selling of Japanese craft beer sets rather than individual bottles; however, the sets tend to include individual bottles, rather than two of one type. In terms of ordering, Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer uses the Rakuten …