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Kamakura Flower Brown Ale by Kamakura Beer

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Kamakura Flower Brown Ale is sold as a premium local beer at ¥500 a bottle. It’s an award-winning beer from Kamakura Beer, having won the WBA World’s Best Brown Ale and Asia’a Best Brown Ale in 2011. While there isn’t much competition in Asia for that title, it’s impressive that a small brewery like Kamakura Beer managed to win the award.


A gentle flower pops up from Kamakura.

Kamakura Flower Aroma and Taste

Kamakura Flower Brown Ale pours thick, cloudy and headless, with the appearance of iced coffee. Clear, rich roast coffee nose and flavour left me with a pungent, fruity aftertaste that was malty on the tongue; I got the impression of sour milk or cheese deep in there as well.

The flavour of this isn’t as full-bodied as I would have expected from a brown ale. It’s almost too easy to drink; I want my brown ales, stouts and porters to go down like oil, tar and treacle. I want to feel a few stone heavier when I finish my brown ale, and this is a bit on the light side. I feel a bit let down, betrayed even, considering the Kamakura range of beers are usually on the pricey side.

Kamakura Flower Brown Ale One-line Review

An A for effort, but this Kamakura Flower Brown Ale doesn’t have the guts to pull off what it promises.


Where to Buy Kamakura Flower Brown Ale

Kamakura Flower Brown Ale can be bought in Queens Isetan stores across Japan, and can also be picked up Sakaya Okadaya here.

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