Yo-Ho Brewing Boku Beer Kimi Beer Ryusei Radio Rye Pale Ale by Yo-Ho Brewing

(deep breath) Yo-Ho Brewing Boku Beer Kimi Beer Ryusei Radio Rye Pale Ale is a 5% rye pale ale made by Yo-Ho Brewing. It’s the latest in their Boku Beer Kimi Beer series, is a limited-run beer, and was released on the 30th of October 2018. Previous beers in the Boku Kimi range: Cream ale Hoppy amber American wheat ale …

Ise Kadoya Costa Rica Coffee Ale by Ise Kadoya

Ise Kadoya Costa Rica Coffee Ale

Ise Kadoya Costa Rica Coffee Ale is a 5% American pale ale from Ise Kadoya, based in Mie, Japan. The beer is part of their limited edition lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. The coffee beans used in Ise Kadoya Costa Rica Coffee Ale are the same ones that were used in the G7 Summit …


Coedo Marihana by Coedo Brewery

Hitsuji Inside Beer 3 Coedo Marihana

Coedo Marihana is a 4.5% session IPA from Coedo, based in Saitama, Japan. It first came on sale in 2014 as part of their Spring / Summer seasonal beer range but it’s been so popular in bars across Japan it seems that it’s now available all-year round. The name “marihana” doesn’t follow the usual standard for Coedo and colours, instead …

Cuve La Pomme 2012 by Oh! La! Ho Beer

Cuvée la pomme 2012

Cuve La Pomme 2012 is a barrel aged barley wine from Oh! La! Ho Beer with a whopping 15% ABV. It’s made with Nagano apples and champagne yeast, and aged in oak barrels after fermentation. Now, this is a special beer. So special, in fact, that I drank this and wrote the increasingly unintelligible tasting notes almost a full year ago, …


Boku Beer Kimi Beer Yorimichi by Yo-Ho Brewing

Boku Beer Kimi Beer Yorimichi

Hey. I’ve recently started working at a new job where I finish work while the sun is still up. I know this might be an unfamiliar concept to those of us who are working at conversation schools, which start mid-afternoon and end sometime in the dead of night. But it exists, guys. My new job is in my own town, so there’s the …


Okinawa IPA by Nanto Brewery

Okinawa IPA

Two in one night! slow down Robson, you’ll give yourself a Tony Hart attack! Okinawa must have some kind of positive effect on my writing ability. Every time I get a bit of writer’s block, I’ll just crack open a delicious can of Goya Dry, stick a sea cucumber in a big cigarette holder like Hunter S. Thompson and get …

Shimane Zakuro Arils by Shimane Beer Company

Shimane Zakuro Arils

Shimane Zakuro Arils is a blonde ale by Matsue Beer Hearn in Shimane. It’s made with pomegranate purée, and has been created to appeal specifically to the female market. Pomegranate is supposedly beneficial during pregnancy, and I guess that’s all the excuse you need to throw one in a beer and call it a ladies’ beer for ladylike ladies. Well, …


Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft by Abashiri Beer

Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft

Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft is Abashiri Brewery’s most famous drink, and is supposedly made using drift ice and natural ingredients such as flowers and seaweed to give it its blue colour. It’s been the subject of many “Weird Japan” articles since being made available overseas in 2014. It’s a 5% spiced/fruit/seaweed beer. Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft Aroma and Taste …

Ise Kadoya Stout by Ise Kadoya

Ise Kadoya Stout

Ise Kadoya have been making their award-winning stout for over a decade, most recently winning the silver medal at the International Beer cup in 2014, and they have been constantly tweaking the recipe with each iteration. Ise Kadoya Stout is part of their year-round range and can be bought in 350ml can or bottle form, or this larger 500ml bottle. …