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Yona Yona Ale by Yo-Ho Brewing Company

by Rob
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Yona Yona ale is a pale ale that is brewed all year round in Karuizawa, Nagano. There are two versions available: can and if you are lucky, on pump, such as in The Futnik in Ebisu. I purchased a can of this from my local beer shop, at 280 yen, although you can find it cheaper than that.

Yona Yona Ale

Safe as houses.

Yona Yona Ale Aroma and Taste

It pours very smoothly with a nice orange, slightly gold, body and foamy head that lingers. The body of the beer is smooth and slightly citrusy but not overpowering, with a good solid bitter taste. At about 5.5%, it is one of the stronger pale ales on the market, but it certainly doesn’t taste that strong.

Yona Yona Ale One-line review

A good fruity pale ale that is well worth a place in your fridge.

Where to buy Yona Yona Ale.

Yona Yona ale is widely available now, and it is quite common to see it in convenience stores as well across Kanto. Good department stores will also sell this beer as will alcohol stores.


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pudgym29 October 5, 2019 - 2:35 pm

Doh! It’s one of their beers which is exported to North America, including the U.S.A.. I am OK with it. I am not a hophead. Even before the buyout, their beers were available in the cooler(!) at Don Quijote stores. I wish Tokyo Black was equally available.


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