J-Craft Ougon IPA by Baird Brewing

J-Craft Ougon IPA by Baird Brewing is a 7% IPA brewed as part of the J-Craft range of beers. You can read reviews of the other beers here.

J-Craft Ougon IPA

J-Craft Ougon IPA Aroma and Taste

J-Craft Ougon IPA is, like all Baird Brewing beers, unfiltered, which means it pours out with a load of sediment. You can even see it at the bottom of the glass in the picture above. Normally I’d run a mile from a beer that contained solid matter- heartburn, y’know- but Baird beers have always agreed with me. So take it from me, although you’ll have bits floating in, on and around this beer, it’s a perfectly palatable pint. Its two centimetres of off-white foam reduce to a single finger, and we’re off!

The nose on J-Craft Ougon IPA is citrusy and fresh, which is a nice change from all the dank cat piss I’ve been drinking lately. And beers.

Tasting it, there’s quite a lot of bitterness- interestingly, the back of the bottle has a little scale of IBUs and marks this one as being a 60. So, it’s up there. The malt sweetness goes well with the fresh and lemony hops, however, and makes this very easy to drink. It’s not heavy like an Aooni, and hides its 7% ABV very well.

J-Craft Ougon IPA: The Bottom Line

J-Craft Ougon IPA is a nice addition to the J-Craft range, and seems to be the last of the range. It also begs the question, when are Baird going to make a hazy IPA for me??

Where to buy J-Craft Ougon IPA

Rakuten– At this time the entire line is sold out. Still might be some out there in the wild.

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