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What is Beer Tengoku?

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Welcome to Beer Tengoku – a site dedicated to the world of Japanese craft beer.

Over the last two decades, the Japanese craft beer market has begun to increase in size from humble beginnings, with breweries such as Echigo Beer in 1993, located in Yuzawa, Niigata, to newer breweries, such as Yokohama Bay Brewery. The craft beer industry in Japan stretches from the southern most islands of Okinawa, right up to the North East in Hokkaido, encompassing different styles and tastes.

Every week, three new beers will be tasted and reviewed with links to where to buy them. Between us, the reviewers have over 20 years experience of Japanese craft beers and look forward to bringing them to your attention. All beers and bars on this site have been paid for out of our own pockets. If beer or food is ever given to us, we will say in the review to ensure impartiality.

Enjoy the beers we have. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and also on Untappd. Who knows? Maybe you will find the beers we are drinking enjoyable as well.

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