Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu by Kizakura Shuzo

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu 京都麦酒京野菜賀茂なす

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu is a 5% vegetable (yes, vegetable) beer made with rice and Kamo Nasu aubergines. I’m British, so they’re aubergines. American readers, please set your eyeballs to read “eggplant” whenever I write “aubergine”, and try not to get too worked up. Here we go.

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu Aroma and Taste

Aaaaaarghhhhh. Patrons on our Patreon page will have seen me take unexpected receipt of three beers from Kizakura last month- this one, a black soy bean one and a green onion one. Yet again Rob leaves a flaming dump on my doorstep and runs away, and then I have to drink the flaming dump and review it for Flaming Dump Tengoku dot com. I decided to drink this one and the green onion one live on twitter, which you can see here (The black bean beer has yet to be challenged). So while you can see my immediate, unfiltered, semi-formed reaction on that video, here’s the deeply considered and thoughtful review.


Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu pours out with extremely strong carbonation and a big fluffy head. it’s a cloudy, pale, pinkish wheat-y colour.

Here’s where it gets weird. The nose is a bit savoury but also quite fruity. It reminds me a lot of fleshy fruits like peaches or grapes, and there’s also a berry aspect to it as well. For the synesthetics among us, I don’t know why but this beer smells purple to me.

It tastes much like it smells, kinda fruit-fleshy and chewy but also a bit thin and watery with a hint of vegetable juice. The rice peeks through as well with a bit of fragrance.

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu The Bottom Line

This is not actually bad. If you didn’t know it had aubergine in it, you would never be able to tell. It’s just an odd-tasting unfiltered ale.

Where to Buy Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kamo Nasu can be bought online at the following places:

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