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Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi by Kizakura Shuzo

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Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is uuuuurgh. Sorry. Let me try again. Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is a f-uaaaarrghhh. OK. Deep breath. I can do this. Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi is a 5% vegetable beer made with green onions i think imgoingtobesick

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi Aroma and Taste


it’s onion juice





So here’s this beer. You can see me drinking it live in my Living Room of Despair here. It pours out with a huge fucking head. It’s a pale gold colour, not as opaque as the aubergine beer but still a little hazy.

The nose is just onions. Onions onions onions. Fucking onion juice. Ever wondered why vegetable juice never has onions in it? It’s because they’re ONIONS. It’s NOT A GOOD SMELL FOR A LIQUID.

I hope Rob puts this review out after the Aubergine Beer review, because then I can tell you that once you get past the onion smell, and the sun has cooled enough to touch, then you can perceive a kinda similar watered-down, fruity white ale smell. But it’s mainly that old green stink tube.

Taste. I appreciate my sense of taste. Occasionally I’ll take a slug of Trinidad Scorpion sauce to keep it on its toes (and my arse on the toilet). So sometimes, I suppose I need to punish it as well? That’s what I can describe this onion flavoured beer as. Punishment. It’s kinda wheaty, a bit estery, but mainly a mix of onion and savoury tastes, which reminds me of cheese and onion crisps. For me, cheese and onion are in my top 3 crisps along with Pickled Onion Monster Munch and Scampi and Lemon Nik Naks. But hey, crisps aren’t beer, and a cheese and onion beer is an idea that even the most fixie-ridingest, iguana-owningest, cereal-cafe-eating-at-iest hipster brewer will balk at.

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi: The Bottom Line

Onions don’t belong in a beer.

Onions don’t belong.

Onions. Don’t.


Where to Buy Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi

Kyoto Bakushu Kyoyasai Kujonegi can be bought online at the following places:

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