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Baeren Beer LogoBaeren Beer is a brewery located in Moriaka, Iwate that first started brewing beer back in February 2001. They first started using equipment that was imported from Germany, with some of it being over 100 years old. Their logo, a bear standing behind a shield with a keg on the front, is the prefectural animal of Iwate and the name Baeren stemming from the German word for bear. The majority of Baeren Beer’s are based on traditional German styles, such as pilsner and kölsch, with the malts and hops also being imported from Germany too.

Baeren Beer Main Lineup

  • Baeren Classic – a 6% classic Dortmunder/helles style beer.
  • Baeren Alt – a 5.5% alt beer brewed using a Düsseldorf traditional recipe.
  • Baeren Schwarz – an easy drinking 5.5% schwar, or black beer.

Baeren Beer Seasonal Lineup

These beers are available throughout the specified seasons and until stocks last.

  • Baeren Bitter – a 4.5% English style bitter that is on sale from February.
  • Baeren Rye Beer – a 5.5% beer brewed using rye wheat that goes on sale from March.
  • Baeren Maibock – a 7% special strong beer brewed to celebrate Spring in Germany that can be found from April.
  • Baeren Summer Weizen – a light 5% summer weizen that is on sale from June but the recipe never stays the same.
  • Baeren Radler – a mild 2.5% fruits beer that is a cross between a beer and lemonade that can be found towards the end of June.
  • Baeren Fest Lager – brewed to celebrate the Munich beer festival is this 6% märzen on sale from September.
  • Baeren Apple Lager – brewed using locally sourced Iwate apples and lots of them for a fruit beer on sale from October.
  • Baeren Crystal Apple Lager – a clear 3.5% version of their Apple Lager that goes on sale at the same time in October.
  • Baeren Winter Weizen – the second weizen in their line up, a 5% beer brewed for winter with bold flavours that goes on sale from November,
  • Baeren Ursus – a 7% winterbock that is on sale from December.
  • Baeren Chocolate Stout – a 7% sweet stout that is advertised towards the end of the year for Valentine’s day.
  • Baeren Vintage Chocolate Stout – take the Baeren Chocolate Stout and age it for a while and you end up with this 9% version of it.
  • Baeren Yamada – A 5.5% alt style beer and is Baeren’s effort to support the area that was damaged by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.
  • Baeren Iwate Wit – A 4.5% witbier and uses locally sourced wheat, known as nambu komugi. It is on sale in autumn.
  • Baeren Hana Beer – a 5.5% pilsner that is part of a collaboration they did with Light Up Nippon, geared towards getting people to remember the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred in March 11th, 2011 by creating a massive firework festival for people all over Japan to come and watch.
  • Baeren Colonia – a 5% kölsch and is part of their annual limited edition release to celebrate the anniversary of their brewery.
  • Baeren Only First Wort Premium Pilsner – a 5% pilsner made from the first pass off the water as it meanders through the crushed malts, bringing out the sugars and proteins contained within.

Baeren Beer Details

Address: 〒020-0061 Iwate-ken, Moriaka-shi, Kitayama 1-3-31

Phone: 019-606-0766

Homepage (in Japanese):

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SNS: Twitter

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