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Kobushi Hana Beer Information

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Kobushi Hana BeerKobushi Hana Beer, which also operates under the name of Hanyu Brewery, is a Japanese craft beer located in Saitama prefecture. Interestingly enough, Hanryu Brewery is located next door to Saitama Aquarium in Hanyu city and opened in September 1999 as part of a major investment by the Hanyu city municipal board. The brewery itself is almost 60% owned by the local government with another 25% or so being owned by a local cooperative of farmers.

Kobushi Hana Beer Main Line Up

The following beers are part of the all-year round range of beers.

Kobushi Hana Beer Seasonal Line Up

  • Kobushi Hana Gran Cru – a 7.5% Belgian strong ale that comes out late Spring / early Summer.
  • Kobushu Hana Strong IPA – a 7.5% souped up version of their IPA.

Kobushi Hana Beer Details

Address: 〒348-0011 Saitama-ken, Hanyu-shi, Oji, Mitagatani 1725

Phone: 048-565-5255


Homepage: http://www.hana-beer.com/

Social network: Twitter

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