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Like other Japanese microbreweries, Coedo Brewery took advantage of the law change and started brewing beers in 1996, initially using the wheat from their local area. Unable to find a malting company nearby, they began to use locally sourced sweet potatoes instead. They also invited a German braumeister to stay and teach the Coedo staff his techniques over a 5 year period. In 2006, rather than using the classification of ‘Ji-beer’ (‘local beer’), often used to entice tourists to buy beer, Coedo began to use ‘craft beer’ instead. Their main line up consists of:

  • Kyara – an Indian pale lager brewed from six different malts;
  • Ruri – a pilsner named after the colour of a clear, blue sky;
  • Shiro – a hefeweizen that is best served chilled.
  • Shikkoku – a black lager brewed from eight different malts, including two dark malts;
  • Beniaka – an Imperial style sweet potato amber, classified as a happoshu due to the low malt content.
  • Marihana – Coedo’s take on a session IPA.
  • Red Rye IPA – A draft only rye IPA beer.

Coedo Brewery have also produced these beers with the help of other breweries:

Coedo Brewery Information

Address: 385-10 Kamitome, Miyoshi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama, Japan 354-0045
Phone: 049-259-7735

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