Kobushi Hana Beer Information

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Kobushi Hana Beer, which also operates under the name of Hanyu Brewery, is a Japanese craft beer located in Saitama prefecture. Interestingly enough, Hanryu Brewery is located next door to Saitama Aquarium in Hanyu city and opened in September 1999 as part of a major investment by the Hanyu city municipal board. The brewery itself is almost 60% owned by …


Coedo Brewery Information

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Like other Japanese microbreweries, Coedo Brewery took advantage of the law change and started brewing beers in 1996, initially using the wheat from their local area. Unable to find a¬†malting company nearby, they began to use locally sourced sweet potatoes instead. They also¬†invited a German braumeister to stay and teach the Coedo staff his techniques over a 5 year period. …