Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka

Umbrella Rib in Higashi Umeda, Osaka Front

Umbrella Rib The Bottom Line Umbrella Rib is a small little place that involves a bit of a walk but it’s well worth going down there for some decent beers and food. While there is no table charge, prices don’t include the mandatory 8% tax. The menus had the essential information in English, that is, the names of the beers …


Beer Butterfly in Sumiyoshi, Tokyo

Beer Butterfly Front

Beer Butterfly The Bottom Line With Beer Butterfly’s confusing pricing system for beers and food, how much you pay and if it’s right is going to be hard to guess, but at least the taplist makes up for the confusing prices. The tap list is nice and varied though so there is definitely a beer that you can pick from. I’d …

Dragonfly Beer Hall in Kiyosumi, Tokyo

Dragonfly Beer Hall Front

Dragonfly Beer Hall The Bottom Line This is what a Baird Beer bar should be like, in fact, it’s by far and away my favourite place, in terms of atmosphere, to drink at. While it may be a place that serves Baird Beer, it is not a Baird Beer bar. However, it does share a lot of similarity – prices …


Tap x Tap in Kanda, Tokyo

Tap x Tap Front

Tap x Tap The Bottom Line Tap x Tap is good little find in the back streets of Kanda, though with the recent opening of Craft Beer Market Kanda encroaching in on its area, it’s going to be tough to see how it succeeds as it is no longer the cheapest craft beer bar in the area. However, the atmosphere …

Gotsubo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Gotsubo Front

Gotsubo The Bottom Line What Gotsubo lacks in space and extensive tap list, it makes up in atmosphere and is perhaps one of the most charismatic little bars in Japan I’ve come across. The tap list is solid, with Shiga Kogen beers on tap, and the whole place is non-smoking and standing. If you’re in the area and want a well-poured …


Darcy’s Beer & Burger in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Darcy's Beer & Burger Front

Darcy’s Beer & Burger The Bottom Line Come for the burgers and chips by all means, but there are better (and cheaper) options in the area for craft beer. While the atmosphere is chilled out and relaxed, it felt like it was more of a quick eat and drink place rather than a bar you can sit and stay the …


Craft Beer Market Awajicho in Awajicho, Tokyo

Craft Beer Market Awajicho

Craft Beer Market Awajicho The Bottom Line If you’re in the area looking for a lunch time beer, then Craft Beer Market Awajicho is a decent choice but it’s closed at the weekends due to lack of business in the area, so remember that next time you think it’s open for a beer. If you’ve been to one Craft Beer Market bar, …


TDM1874 Brewery in Tokaichiba, Yokohama

TDM1874 Brewery Front

TDM1874 Brewery The Bottom Line If you’re in the area then get down to TDM1874. The beers are well priced, tasty, and served well and all the prices include tax on the menu. The whole place is non-smoking and if you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to meet George, the British brewer, when he is serving. There is also …

Beer Bar Lupulin in Ginza, Tokyo

Beer Bar Lupulin Front 1

Beer Bar Lupulin The Bottom Line If you’re with a rich benefactor, or are too lazy to walk to either of the Craft Beer iBrews, then Beer Bar Lupulin is right up your street. It’s expensive – with some of the most priciest beers I’ve seen in Tokyo – but then it is in the smack-bang-middle of Ginza. Beer Bar Lupulin does …

Beer Cafe Hopman in Chigasaki, Kanagawa

Beer Cafe Hopman Front

Beer Cafe Hopman: The Bottom Line I wasn’t made to feel particularly welcome at Beer Cafe Hopman, and the decor design was dull as dirty dishwater, so it’s a good job there’s a huge menu to bury your head in. If you’re expecting friendly chat with the locals or staff, though, or an atmosphere more habitable than Venus, or, y’know, …