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Morita Kinshachi Beer Information

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Morita Kinshachi BeerMorita Kinshachi Beer is the most well-known, if not biggest, craft beer produced in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. First formed in 1996, Morita Kinshachi Beer is famous for using local Nagoya flavours, such as red miso, in their beers to produce craft beers that can be identified with the local area. However, its history can be traced back to the 19th century, something Morita Kinshachi Beer have brought back with the Mitsuboshi range of beers.

Morita Kinshachi Beer Lineup

Morita Kinshachi Beer’s Mitsuboshi Lineup

The Mitsuboshi lineup of beers are based on beer recipes from 19th century Japan.

Morita Kinshachi Beer Details

Address: 〒484-0888 Aichi-ken Inuyama-shi, Haguro Shinden Takami 1-4

Phone: 0568-67-0116


Website (in Japanese): http://www.kinshachi.jp/

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