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Yourbeer, or in Japanese ゆあビア, is an online craft beer shop that primarily sells domestic craft beer, with just a few imports. Ironically, I came across the site while I was searching for some information about Amakusa Tropical Storm as there wasn’t much information out there about it. Yourbeer came up, and I initially thought it was a craft beer ranking / review site, like RateBeer, but it turned out to be so much better.

Yourbeer has a plethora of options to choose how you want to view the site – by looking up new or recommended beers, shopping by a particular style of beer, or finally choosing from specific breweries. There is also an option for picking up some variety or gift sets, perhaps a good idea for a birthday present, or perhaps an anniversary present for someone loved.

When it comes to prices, Yourbeer is smack dab in the middle of the range when compared to other sites and you may struggle if you’re trying to get the latest beer from your favourite brewery. However, Yourbeer does tend to get them perhaps a week or two after other sites, so if you can be patient then you might get lucky. Some of the beers in the above picture had sold out at other sites pretty much immediately after going on sale but Yourbeer had them in stock a few days later.

The actual pages for the beers are very information with information about the style, abv, IBU, size of the beer, colour of the beer, and finally the cost. There is also some blurb, usually from the brewery themself, but on occasion, Yourbeer does list some of their own opinions. Moreover, there is often some information about the malts and hops that have been used to make the beer alongside a best before date. I was nicely surprised to see all this information about a beer on the page – it takes time to add, but makes the process more informative for the buyer.


In terms of payment, Yourbeer accepts all major cards, as well as bank transfers, and payment on delivery. Refrigerated delivery costs are as follows, with non-refrigerated deliveries being 200 yen cheaper.

  • Hokkaido / Kyushu at 1,700 yen.
  • Kita-Tohoku / Kansai at 1,350 yen.
  • Minami-Tohoku / Kanto / Chubu at 1,250 yen.
  • Chugoku / Shikoku at 1,500 yen.
  • Okinawa at 2,050 yen.

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