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Akaosaketen came up on a random search for beer on Stores.jp – a site dedicated to empowering business to sell their products online, kind of like a Japanese version of Etsy but without the random junk that seems to be sold on the site. However, after some searching online, Akaosaketen is actually based in Fukui and does have a physical part to their store, and not just selling online.

Having not visited the shop, let alone Fukui, it’s hard to know what they have for sale in their physical building, but if it’s anything like their online entity, then there is very good range of domestic beers, with the occasional imported craft beer for sale too.

The online site is very simple to use with only one category – craft beer – that is selectable, so if you’re looking for a specific region of beer, then you may have to just trawl through their offerings. There is a good selection of beers from across Japan, with a mixture of “old” and “new” breweries though I really do wish there was some kind of filtering system. In terms of prices, Akaosaketen lies in the middle of the scale – not as cheap as 151L / Ichigo Ichie-ru but definitely cheaper than Beer Owle.

In terms of shipping, as Akaosaketen is based in Fukui, customers living further afield are going to pay the extra for shipping so it’s a good idea to order a large amount of beer to ensure good value for money. Prices are not shown until checkout for shipping. There are a plethora of options for payment, with credit cards, payment on delivery, bank transfer, as well as e-money options available too.


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