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If you haven’t checked out our review of Beer Owle’s bricks and mortar store, then go along and read that after reading this. But it’s good to see that Beer Owle also has an online component to the store as well. Open in August 2019, Beer Owle has a range of both local domestic craft beer from places such as West Coast Brewing, Numazu Craft, and Hansharo Beer, but also breweries from a bit further afield such as Yorocco Beer and Vertere too. Having been to the store, all of the beers are stored in fridges; however, it’s unsure whether the stock comes from the fridges on the shop floor or from the giant fridge behind the bar.

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The shop front is powered by Shopify, thankfully not Rakuten, and is fairly easy to navigate, with it being bilingual though with a leaning towards Japanese overall. Prices are a little bit higher than average and do not include tax until the final payment. There’s also a few options for payment with credit card, PayPal, and Amazon available, but no choice for cash on delivery or convenience store payments. Shipping is a flat ¥1,200 to wherever you in Japan and is cold shipping only – but who doesn’t want cold beers delivered to their house on a Saturday morning?

Beer Owle Details

Homepage (in Japanese): https://beerowle.com/

Store (in Japanese): https://beerowle.com/collections/craftbeer


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