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Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout by Tsumagoi Kougen Brewery

by Rob

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout, besides having the best design of any beer I’ve seen for a long time, is a 4% dry stout from Tsumagoi Kougen Brewery. Even though it is advertised an Irish stout, it seems to be categorised as a dry stout. Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout is brewed using deep roasted malt and hopped using Kent Golding hops.

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout

Best can design ever. Too charming.

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout Aroma and Taste

First look at that can design – stunning. That’s a sign of someone taking notice of how to attract customers without using buzzwords to attract people. I wonder how many people have bought Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout because of that design, thinking “kawaii” or “cute”. It’s an interesting design and I would love to know the reasoning of putting an erupting volcano on the can.

It’s a shame though as Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout poured out without much life or fanfare. A pitch black body was topped with the faintest of rings of head that left a slightly oily residue on top. The aroma was a bit livelier with hints of coffee and some smokiness but the design of the can had led me astray and I was left wanting more.

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout is dry, I’ll give Tsumagoi Kougen Brewery that though not as crisp dry as I expected. There was no widget in the can either as dry stouts tend to be injected with some nitrogen that can have negative effects. The coffee and smokiness were present but the bitterness associated with dry stouts was severely lacking in Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout.


Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout One Line Review

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout has a great can design but it’s a shame that more thought wasn’t put into the beer itself.

Where to Buy Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout

Tsumagoi Kougen Irish Stout can be bought from these places

  • Tsumagoi Brewery homepage here.

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Christopher Phillips October 22, 2015 - 4:07 pm

Yep, crap beer but that can design worries and frightens me.

Rob October 24, 2015 - 2:42 pm

Don’t be such a grouch. 😉 It’s kawaii!!!


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