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Kyoto Brewing Wa by Kyoto Brewing Company

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Kyoto Brewing Wa is a 6% saison IPA from Kyoto Brewing Company, based in Kyoto, in Japan. It’s part of their locality series, and can also be found on tap and in cans, though its availability at the time of writing is unknown. Kyoto Brewing Wa is brewed using four different hops: Cascade, HBC 344, Citra, and Mandarina Bavaria.

Kyoto Brewing WaKyoto Brewing Wa Aroma and Taste

Kyoto Brewing Wa poured out a hazy golden colour with a thin white head on top that faded to a few bubbles around the outside of the glass. Kyoto Brewing Wa had two distinct aromas going on, that were pretty far apart from each other: the first was a fruity, phenolic yeasty punch from the yeast, while the other was a more tropical, citrusy aroma from the hops. The aromas, while distinct, were interesting as they were never really in balance it seemed – it was either the yeasty flavours you were smelling, or the hoppiness of the beer.

The balance was more evident in the body though, with a smooth bitterness rounded out against the phenols and then a citrus flavour to the beer. The difference in the flavours swirled around the mouth – with a good balance helping to round them both out. The citrus lemon and grapefruit had a slight tartness to it that was noticeable but did not outstay its welcome, while the phenols were more in line with a traditional saison – think peachy rather than plasticky – and they were the flavours that lingered longest, right into the aftertaste.

Kyoto Brewing Wa The Bottom Line

If you like saisons and IPA, then a saison IPA makes sense.


Where to Buy Kyoto Brewing Wa

Kyoto Brewing Wa can be bought online at the following places:

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