Shiga Kogen EKG ESB by Tamamura Honten

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB is a 6% Extra Special Bitter from Tamamura Honten, based in Yamanouchi, in Nagano, Japan. Shiga Kogen EKG ESB can be found in both bottles and on tap, though its availability at the time of writing is unknown. It’s part of the Shiga Kogen single-hop series, with this beer using East Kent Golding hops, imported from the UK.

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB Aroma and Taste

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB poured out a light orange-red colour with a medium amount of white head that faded to a few bubbles both on and around the edge of the glass. The aroma coming off of the beer was both a malty and hoppy one, with the former bringing a nutty, caramel sweetness to the beer, and then the latter bringing an earthy undertone. Once Shiga Kogen EKG ESB had warmed up, there was also a touch of diacetyl / butteriness; however, that is ok for an ESB to have. There was a subtle hint of alcohol as well after letting the beer warm up, but it wasn’t overpowering or distracting from other aromas.

While the name may suggest that Shiga Kogen EKG ESB was going to be bitter, it wasn’t anything as strong as an American Pale Ale or an IPA either. Rather, it was a mere smidgen of bitterness on the flavour profile. The malts brought a nutty caramel flavour to the body, with the EKG just poking through with a subtle earthy undertone throughout drinking. Like in the nose, Shiga Kogen EKG ESB had a faint buttery flavour to it, again fitting the style of an ESB, and it didn’t overpower the palate. The lingering caramel and earthy flavours continued into the aftertaste.

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB The Bottom Line

ESBs are not exciting beers, and neither is Shiga Kogen EKG ESB. But it is a good beer.

Where to Buy Shiga Kogen EKG ESB

Shiga Kogen EKG ESB can be bought online at the following places:

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