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Nara Lime Gose By by Nara Brewing Company

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Nara Lime Gose By is a 4.5% fruited gose by Nara Brewing Company, based in Nara, in Nara, Japan. It’s part of their regular draft line up but saw life in cans during the Covid-19 pandemic, so at the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Nara Lime Gose By will see life again in the canned form. Nara Lime Gose By is brewed with Wheat Malt and Two Row Pale malts while also using lime, salt,  and Kaffir lime leaf. In terms of hops, it just uses Merkur.

Nara Lime Gose By・ならライム ゴーゼ バイNara Lime Gose By Aroma and Taste

Like most of the other beers from Nara Brewing Company that came out in cans, Nara Lime Gose By poured out with little life or carbonation in it, with a light golden straw body and only produced a few bubbles around the edge of the glass. Nara Lime Gose By smelt like I thought it would do – of limes and salt and that was it. And it smelt amazing! A soft lime pungency came though, but the saltiness of the beer helped make it vibrant and punchy when it had warmed up. There wasn’t any real malt aroma coming off, just a light dusting once Nara Lime Gose By had warmed up but this beer was all about the limes.

And in the heat, it was delicious. A salty tartness from start to finish with the vibrancy of the limes standing off nicely against the saltiness of the beer. Nara Lime Gose By doesn’t really develop past those two flavours, but the contrast of sour and salt was very refreshing on a day when the temperature hit 28c. The lime lingered as Nara Lime Gose By got warmer but it was a nice, welcome hit of vitamin C.

Nara Lime Gose By The Bottom Line

If you like sour and salty, you’ll like Nara Lime Gose By.


Where to Buy Nara Lime Gose By

Nara Lime Gose By can be bought online at the following places:

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