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Shimane Weizen by Shimane Beer Company

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Shimane Weizen is a 5% German style hefeweizen from Shimane Beer Company, based in Matsue, in Shimane, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round lineup and can be found both in cans and on tap across Japan. Shimane Weizen has also won gold medal at few craft beer events over the years too – with one of its most significant wins at the World Beer Cup (Japan) in 2016 where it took Gold medal.

Shimane Weizen ・島根ヴァイツェン

Shimane Weizen Aroma and Taste

Please excuse the glass – I couldn’t find my weizen glass and I suspect it may have been broken and no-one told me about it. So I had to put it into a porter glass, but you know what? It worked just as well. Besides pouring out a dark  golden honey colour and given the beer a large, fluffy white head, the aroma coming off of Shimane Weizen was your typical German hefeweizen. Lots of banana, cloves, and a subtle wheat nose to it. Basically your prototypical hefeweizen.

The taste was just as you would expect as well from a German-inspired hefeweizen. Some people may find that boring, but Shimane Weizen had a solid banana and clove taste to it, with a sticky wheaty body to it that was smooth and refreshing. The lingering banana and clove flavours carried on into the aftertaste, before leaving a slightly sticky taste to the tongue.


Shimane Weizen The Bottom Line

If you’re looking about getting into hefeweizens, or want a solid representation of one, then check out Shimane Weizen.

Where to buy Shimane Weizen

Shimane Weizen can be bought at the following places:

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