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Iwate Kura Organic Beer by Sekinoichi Shuzo

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Iwate Kura Organic Beer is a 5% hefeweizen from Sekinoichi Shuzo, based in Iwate, Japan. Iwate Kura Organic Beer is part of their all-year round range, and can be found in bottles though the keg version seems a lot rarer to come across. Iwate Kura Organic Beer was Japan’s first organic craft beer, with it being brewed using certified organic malts and hops. The yeast is naturally collected from dried persimmon, so we assume someone goes out by hand to pick up yeast from the local flora.

Iwate Kura Organic Beer・いわて蔵自然発酵ビール

Iwate Kura Organic Beer Aroma and Taste

Not knowing for sure what kind of beer Iwate Kura Organic Beer was made choosing the glass for it difficult. However, after looking at its ingredients, the big weizen glass makes its reappearance on BeerTengoku. And I’m glad it did, for Iwate Kura Organic Beer poured out with a massive fluffy white head on top that lingered for ages. It had a strong banana and wheat aroma to it, that lacked a medicinal punch that is associated with weizenbocks. The body was a tad darker than your usual weizen, with a slight orange brown colour to it, rather than your typical light yellow or golden colour that a hefeweizen may have.

Iwate Kura Organic Beer started off with a banana kick followed by some yeasty funk – not sour enough to make your face screw up, but enough to make you sit up and notice. The wheaty body soothed the palate though with some subtle underlining creaminess to it. When chilled, Iwate Kura Organic Beer was refreshing enough; however, as it got warmer, the flavours did become a bit unusual with the sweet, creaminess from the malts mixing with the sour yeasty kick. Iwate Kura Organic Beer finished off with a lingering banana sourness – weird but not bad.


Iwate Kura Organic Beer The Bottom Line

Making your “own style” of beer is fine, but make sure it can at least reference something.

Where to Buy Iwate Kura Organic Beer

Iwate Kura Organic Beer can be bought at the following places online:

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